J. Fenwick Lansdowne

Selected Exhibitions

 1956         Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

 1958        Audubon House, New York

 1961, 1963        Tyron  Gallery, London

 1968        Laboratory of Ornithology, Cornell  University, Ithaca

 1969        Smithsonian Institution,   Washington, DC

 1971        James Ford Bell Museum of Natural  History, Minneapolis

 1975        Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

 1976        Tryon Gallery, London

 1978        American Museum of  Natural,  History, Chicago
 1981        Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
 1981        Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

 1981        Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh
 1982        The Landmark, Hong Kong

 1983        National Geographic Society,  Washington, DC
 1985        Master Wildlife Artist, Leigh,  Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin
 1986        Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Honolulu
 1986        Natural History Museum, Beijing

 1989        Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston

Exhibitions Featuring Rare Birds of China

1991       London: Tryon Gallery
1992       Hong Kong: The Rotunda,  Exchange Square
1992       Beijing: Cultural Palace of  Nationalities
1992       Taipei: Collection Gallery, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store

1995       The New-York Historical Society

1996       The Wildlife Gallery, Wildlife Conservation Society, NY.


 1966      Birds of the Northern Forest, Boston and Toronto
 1968      Birds of the Eastern Forest, Volume I,  Boston and Toronto
 1970      Birds of the Eastern Forest, Volume 2,  Boston and Toronto
 1976      Birds of the West Coast, Volume I,  Boston and Toronto
 1977      Rails of the Worlds, Washington and Toronto

 1978      A guide to the behaviour of common Birds, Boston
 1980      Birds of the West Coast, Volume II,  Boston and Toronto